The Barricaded House is found on the Westside Estate , and has clearly been fortified crudely as an attempt to keep out the infected. The player may choose whether or not to investigate and see if another survivor is present.

If they investigate, a girl wearing a tight, powder-blue band sweater and short black skirt, combined with a gasmask and wielding a cricket bat, angrily demands to know what the player is doing. The player can say they are either looking for supplies or exploring.

Saying that the player is looking for supplies will make the girl angry and she demands they leave; the player can either do so or fight her to try and rob her, battling her as a Gas-Masked Survivalist .

Saying you just want to explore makes her calm down. She lets you sit down and introduces herself as Tristan , and proceeds to make small talk before admitting she's horny and asking if the player will have sex with her; they can agree or refuse.