Bossy Redhead
Primary Attributes
Type Human
Mutation Type None
Health 9
Skill 8
Infection Rate 10%

The Bossy Redhead can be encountered fairly close to the start. She's of course bossy. She's described as a Slim yet busty, taller than 6 feet, wearing a tight red sweater, short black skirt and leggings, long straight red hair. When encountered she will ask to play a game to see who cums first. 


She can be found in Lancaster Lane, Westside Estate, Conflass Gardens and Seafront, and may ambush the player as he returns home. When you arrive at your home base, she has a chance to appear blocking the entrance telling the player she would like to "settle down" and that the player seems to be an adept food collector. You are then given the choice to either allow her to stay in the home (she brings the daily food consumption up by 1) or to reject her, resulting in an attack (unconfirmed).


Although no mutation occurs she will slowly become more rare until she disappears around day 20.


The Bossy Redhead seems to be inspired by the actress Karen Gillian.

For some reason, she seems to be one of the more popular enemies with the games fan-base.