Darlene is one of the few women survivors on the island. She is first encountered in the library. Her appearance is described short, but kind of plump, with tanned skin, round breasts, long brown hair, and dark brown eyes. as She emits a certain pheromone that is sweet smelling, almost like candy. This pheromone increases men's desires to have sex with her and also makes her body taste sweet. She does not pursue men like the other women infected on the island, but she retains her consciousness although infected.  She chooses to remain abstinant to avoid driving men into madness.

She has several interactions with the player character.

First encounter - Library

Darlene can be found in the Library. She will warn the player character to back off because of her pheromone. You can try to resist or give into the mad lust. Resisting will lead to you backing off and Darlene running away. Giving into the mad lust results in a sex scene. After waking up, the player character will find a note left behind by Darlene that introduces herself and her powers.

Second Encounter - ExploringEdit

Darlene can be found in several places, such as Conflass Gardens or the Seafront. The player character will remember her and mention about finding her note. Her dress will be torn to bits and she will be shivering. The player character can give her some of his own clothing or take advantage of her.

If the player chooses to give her a piece of her clothing, Darlene will throw yourself into your arms in gratitude. Eventually this leads to sex.

If the player character chooses to take advantage of her, she will protest your advances. You can choose to stop or keep pursuing at this point. If you stop, your character will apologize and run off, leaving a teary eyed, yet understanding Darlene.

If you continue, Darlene will try to run away but the player characcter will begin to force sex on her. By the time he finishes, she has lost all resistance.

In either sex path, the character will then note that her infection strain appears to be different than the rest of the monster girls, actually lowering your infection rate.

Be warned, that taking advantage of Darlene with make her run away from you in further encounters.

Third Encounter - ExploringEdit

If the player character gave Darlene his clothes, she will approach the player character and begin stripping. She says that it keeps her clothes more intact. She will then try to solicit sex from you. If the player character agrees this leads to another sex scene and she lowers your infection rate. If the player character rejects her, he will instead give her a peck on the cheek and run off. This will, however, increase your lust. This event repeats, making Darlene a free alternative to Selena's pharmacy.

Eventually as the event repeats, the player character will sometimes not be able to resist her, leading to the sex event anyway.

It appears that the more you resist, the more likely you are to avoid having sex with her and the more you give in, the more likely you are to give up resisting.