Dick Girl
Primary Attributes
Type Mutant
Mutation Type Subtle
Health 9-10
Skill 7-11
Infection Rate 10

The Dick Girl is the eventual mutation of the Girl Next Door. While she remains generally similar in appearance than before her mutation, the sizable bulge in her pants gives away her true nature. Though she appears on day 14, she is known as a "Dick Girl Next Door" until day 20.


The Dick Girl can be encountered in Butts Estate, Lancaster Lane, and Westside Estate, the same locations as her original form.


In her transformation into a dick girl, the girl next door underwent relatively little change compared to many of the other mutant women on the island, her only real mutation being the addition of a penis.

The dick girl's cock increases in size as time goes on, starting at three inches on day 10 and increasing to an alarming 13 inches by day 36.

Fetishes InvolvedEdit

The dick girl is, obviously, a futanari, so that fetish clearly makes an appearance. Also, she will fuck the player in the ass if she defeats him, which is a sort of pegging.