Dowdy Nerd
Primary Attributes
Type Mutant
Mutation Type Subtle
Health 10
Skill 8
Infection Rate 10


The Dowdy Nerd is one of the mutant women who can be encountered from the first day of the outbreak and subsequent quarantine. She has the form of an averagely attractive, slightly chubby woman with "nerdy" glasses and attire. She acts devoid of emotions as part of her mutation.


The Dowdy Nerd is somewhat rare, but can be seen in Lancaster Lane, the Westside Estate, and on the Seafront.


One of the more unusual mutations, the Dowdy Nerd's mutations advance them to the next step by day 12. However, they need a player's semen to catalys the transformation. As a result, a player cannot encounter a Swollen Nerd unless they submit to or lose a battle to a Dowdy Nerd on day 12 or later.


Her design seems to be inspired by the animated character Daria.