As of now there are three main types of endings to the game:

Bad End (No Taints) Edit

This ending takes place if your infection level increases to 100 percent, but you have not received any taints or marks from mutants. In this generic ending, your character wanders out into the streets to be freely preyed upon by whatever mutants he happens to meet.

Bad End (with Taints) Edit

These endings take place if your infection level increases to 100 percent, and you have received at least one taint or mark from a mutant. In these endings, your character succumbs to the infection before returning to one of the mutants that gave you a taint or mark during her rape scene, and then a unique ending plays out involving that mutant. It is unclear how the game decides which mutant to submit to if multiple marks are present.

So far these mutants are known to have their own unique Bad Ends:

  • Little Women
  • Electric Eel Girl
  • Chavs
  • (please add more here if you discover them)

Good End Edit

On day 39, you will get a warning via your radio that evacuation will take place on the following day. On day 40, an evacuation force will arrive at the Sea Front. If you make it there during the day a scene will play out telling of your escape from the island. If you miss the chance to evacuate on day 40 then you will be stuck on the island, though you may still keep playing until you eventually reach one of the other endings.