Food is required for the player characters survival. It is - obviously - a consumable item. It can be scavenged from most of the main outdoor locations in the Village, with each area having a fixed amount to find. The player character needs to consume one "food unit" every day - if he goes for several days without eating, he cannot train, and will begin to starve.

Food found in different areas can have different initial descriptions, but once the player has picked it up, it if added to their generic mass of food. Food a player is carrying on them must be taken back to the base to be added to the main food stock - if a player loses a combat while carrying food, the food may be lost, depending on the enemy lost to.

A random event may cause players to have food stolen from their food stock - this can be prevented by fortifying the base to a certain level, using the tools and boards of wood. 

The player curiously has no need for water - presumably the water supply to the village has not been interrupted by the outbreak, and they can drink from taps still.