Over time as the infection spreads, strange red flora begins to grow at Butts Estate and spreads throughout the town all the way to the Village Greens. As the plants spread, they also bear odd fruit. There are several different types of fruit and each may provide some sort of boost, hinderance, or mutation. Be warned, that each fruit you eat will increase your infection rate slightly and althought it is a fruit, it will do nothing to stave off your hunger. The player character will eat the fruit on the spot, so you cannot hoarde fruit like you can food or energy drinks.

Kinds of FruitEdit

The fruit comes in various varieties, which have several effects. The effects of each fruit type are meant to be chosen randomly at the start of a new game, but this seems to glitch out occassionally, leading to fully random fruit effects.

The description of the fruit is randomly generated and randomly paired up with three consequences.

  • Penis size will be increased by one inch.
  • Health will be restored.
  • Lust will increase.