You notice a *insert fruit here* growing from on of the strange red plants. Despite your reservations it looks pretty tempting, fresh and plump and tasty... would you like to eat it?

~Prompt upon encounter

Fruit in the game is a random encounter similar to that of an enemy. Upon encountering the fruit, you can chose "Okay", or "No way!" in responce to the prompt.

If you select "Okay", you will eat the fruit and recieve its respective result as detailed below; If you refuse the fruit by selecting "No way!" then no effects will take place and the encouter is ended.

Fruits and what happens when you eat them:Edit

Bluish Banana Like Fruit - Consumtion has no effects, as a result, you will gather more from the immediate area. a total of three days of food is added to your pack. No additional infection results from consuming this fruit.

Round Purple Fruit - Consumtion of this fruit results in the players penis growing one inch, it also results in infection rising five percent.