Your Home Base is the location where you have taken shelter from the ongoing chaos of the infection. It used to be your suite in an unnamed hotel, before the outbreak, back when you were still a vacationer. It houses your supplies and various goods.

You automatically return here when it gets too dark at the end of each day, and you may choose to return here at will, especially if you have been seriously injured.


At your Home Base, you may choose to skip exploring for the day, advance forward several days (if you are using the test character), and train of an evening, if you have found the various items neccessary to train and have the experience points to spend on training.

It is possible that your supplies of food maybe be stolen while you are out - to prevent this, the base can be fortified once the correct items have been aquired.

Locations AccessibleEdit

From your home base, you can only access the Butts Estate .