Lady Long Legs
Lady Long Legs does not yet have an in-game sprite.
Primary Attributes
Type Mutant
Mutation Type Freakish
Health 9-12
Skill 8-10
Infection Rate None

Lady Long Legs is a woman with abnormally extended legs that eventually reach six feet in length as her mutation progresses.


Lady Long Legs can be found in Westside Estate, Conflass Gardens, and Seafront. However, she is somewhat more rare than other girls you'll often encounter in those areas.


In her mutation from the Lanky Girl, the most notable change she undergoes is an extension of her legs to inhuman length, eventually bringing her crotch at face-level with the protagonist. However, upon defeat, the player also learns that she has small tentacles near her vagina that are used to pin the player's face to her crotch to force oral sex. While she mutates into Lady Long Legs beginning at day 16, the tentacles do not become a part of her mutation until day 32.