The second major area a player can explore in the game. As the name suggests, it's a street-based locale; a long winding street that curves back and forth on itself dizzyingly, full of fancy looking Victorian houses and dotted with a few shops and a couple of modern office buildings.


Explore and Search for Supplies.

Visit the Spooky House .

Visit the Pharmacy .

Locations AccessibleEdit

Butts Estate

Westside Estate

Conflass Gardens

Enemies PresentEdit

Bossy Redhead

Centipede Girl

Crazy Secretary (One Time Only)

Girl Next Door - Dick Girl

Dowdy Nerd - Swollen Nerd

Goth - Spider Goth

Highland Lassie - Highland Devil

Leather Skinned Nightmare

Little Women

Business Woman - Mushmouth

Japanese Girl - Scorpion Girl


Tattooed Back Goth

Fruit Encountered (After Overgrown)Edit

Fruit Summary and Overview

Bluish Banana Like Fruit

Round Purple Fruit