Lanky Girl
Lanky Girl does not yet have an in-game sprite.
Primary Attributes
Type Human
Mutation Type None
Health 9-12
Skill 8-10
Infection Rate None

The Lanky Girl is a woman with a long, thin frame. She can be found from the beginning of the game, but is somewhat more rare than other enemies.


The Lanky Girl can be found in Westside Estate, Conflass Gardens, and Seafront. However, she is somewhat more rare than other girls you'll often encounter in those areas.


The Lanky Girl eventually mutates into Lady Long Legs by day 16.

Fetishes InvolvedEdit

If defeated, the Lanky Girl will attempt to use a vibrator on the player's ass while giving him a hand job. However, an opportunity is provided for the player to escape while she's lubricating the vibrator.