The Library can be found in Conflass Gardens. It hosts a wide array of books and art pieces, ranging from random wicker basket work to paintings. Also, it appears that the 


The map of the library.

library was fully staffed by several librarians. The map is a dungeon and it is host to several monster girls inside.

The Library Layout is a grid. Vertically, the map goes from Erotica, Ecumenical, Philosophy, History, to Classical. Horizontally, the map goes from Erotica, Warfare, Geology, Basket Weaving, and Biology. Each cell in the grid is a combination of the two (Erotic Warfare, Ecumenical Basket Weaving, etc.)

Entering the LibraryEdit

Not any average guy can get into the library. Your character needs at least 13 points in either strength, skill, or intelligence. For the strength check, your character will kick down the door. For skill, your character will climb to an open window and break in. For intelligence, your character will pick the lock. This check only needs to be passed once.

Navigating the LibraryEdit

The player character will first start in the library lobby. There, an informative display will be visible. Reading it awards the player character with 25 experience points. 

When moving through the library, the player character can only move from one cell to an adjacent cell. However, not all directions are available. For example, Erotic Biology is only available via Erotic Basket Weaving, not Ecumenical Biology. This makes moving through the library a tad bit difficult and confusing. Also, monster girls lurk around the library and randomly attack. If you escape from a random encounter, you will find yourself in a random cell in the library. Note that no time passes while you are in the library, so this location makes a great grinding spot.

Selena's QuestEdit

Selena asks you to get a certain biochemistry textbook for the Erotic Biology section of the library after chatting with her several times. After reaching the Erotic Biology section, the player character will discover that the book is not in the right location. Instead, the sexual exploits of a Saint are found instead. This implies that the textbook must be in the Erotic Ecumenical section of the library. After recieving the book, the player character must exit via the lobby. However, the head librarian will notice you taking a book and your character lacks a library card. This triggers a boss fight. After the fight, the character is free to leave and give the book to Selena.

Cells of InterestEdit

The Erotic Erotica section of the library allows the player character to masturbate and lower his lust score.

The Tweed Frock Coat can be found in the Classical Geography section.

Darlene can be found in the Erotic Geography section.

Enemies PresentEdit

Junior Assistant Librarian

Angry Librarian

Research Librarian

Head Librarian- Is Tentacled Dickgirl.  Can Boost Skill.  Upon Loss Rapes you and demand you say her name.  You get 6 or so Tries. Might be an author you find.  Why can't we sign up?