Little Women
Primary Attributes
Type Mutant
Mutation Type Freakish
Health 10
Skill 11
Infection Rate 5

The Little Women are a group of diminutive mutants encounterable from day 20. Their unmutated form is currently unknown.

In the game, they are described as a Horde of Little Women


The little women can be encountered on Lancaster Lane


The little women are clan of mutants who have kept their human form of adult women, and retained their reason and intelligence, but for some reason have shrunk to the height of 4 inches tall. They seem to require male sexual fluids for sustenance. They attack in large groups, seeking to overpower their prey by force of numbers. They are cheery, happy go lucky characters, who don't treat the player unkindly, but rather seem to see him as a source of food to be domesticated instead of a human being.

It is unclear what advantage shrinking to such a small size has given them - it's possibly some sort of crazy version of Island Dwarfism.

Fetishes InvolvedEdit

The little women combine the obvious element of microphillia with elements of bondage, as they restrain the player with ropes during both their defeat scene and their Ending Scene. 


If a player loses or submits to the Little Women, then they will tattoo the words "Property of the Alcott Sisters" in tiny cursive script upon the player's chest, just under the collarbone.


If a player's infection level rises to 100 while they have the Little Women's markings, then they trigger the "Lilliputian Fodder" ending. The player will be compelled to seek out the Little Women and submit to them, whereupon they will haul his unresisting body out into the wilderness; they have decided to establish a new village, one suited to them, and the player is to become their livestock.

The player spends the rest of his days trapped in a "barn", being fed mutated plants that enhance his ability to produce sexual fluids, and being constantly milked of sperm, providing nourishment and eventually the seed the mutants need to breed and thrive.

Over the decades of the player's life, the Little Women eventually form a fair and kind society, living in perpetual peace and prosperity, thanks to the player's "contributions" to their existence.


The members of their group mentioned by name in their defeat scene are named after characters form the novel "Little Women", and the tattoo they brand the player with identifies them as the Alcott Sisters, the surname of the author of said novel.

They were one of the first enemies to be given an Ending Scene.