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Mutant Minx Meltdown is a largely text based CRPG with graphics gradually being added, made by SeldomPie with RenPy. It combines both survival and erotic elements - basically, imagine an apocalyptic plague-outbreak story, but instead of the outbreak making everyone kill-crazy, they all go kind of sex crazy instead. 

The player begins the game by finding out about the outbreak, and realising they are to be trapped on the island they are on for the next forty days until the quarantine is lifted. As time goes by, the infected people slowly begin to mutate, and become monsters.

The game has a knockabout sense of humour, was initially intended to be a partial tribute to cheesy b-grade horror movies, and does not take itself wholly seriously. That said, it does strive to have a strong sense of interior logic - things in the game world should make sense on their own terms, and there should be enough information for the clever player to be able to make informed guesses about what is going on and what might happen next. 

The games development main blog can be found here - ]

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