Mutation Type is a general attribute that is currently exclusive to the Mutant Minx Meltdown Wiki. It is a generic attribute used to quickly denote the physical changes caused by a mutation. The valid entries are as follows.

None - Being has no discernable mutations and appears to be fully human.

Subtle - Being appears outwardly human, but has some subtle hints of mutation. Beings with this mutation level could easily pass as humans, but possess some mutant traits that set them part from normal human beings.

Monsterous - Mutations which are obviously inhuman in nature, such as the presence of animal limbs, fur, or other clear mutations. Beings with monsterous mutations would have to go to great lengths to pass as humans, if they could at all.

Freakish - Freakish mutations set the mutant apart from humans in disturbing ways. While the being's form is still decidedly humanoid, they possess physical traits completely alien for a human, such as oddly colored or textured skin, growths, and wild, misshapen body parts that are a parody of human features.

Abominable - Abominations of nature mutated beyond the realm of humanity. Some of these creatures may be vaguely humanoid, but no longer even remotely resemble their original species.