The Seafront is a long, shabby stretch of beach, adorned by a street of shops, pubs, arcades and food joints. This is the former harbor and seaside resort section of the island, now made all the more depressing by the outbreak. Similarly to the Riverside Estate , the abundance of water promotes aquatic mutations amongst the infected.


Explore or scavenge for supplies.

Visit the Joke Shop .

Locations AccessibleEdit

Westside Estate

Sewer Pipe

Enemies PresentEdit

Angler Fish Girl

Bossy Redhead

Centipede Girl

Perky Redhead - Crab Girl

Dowdy Nerd - Swollen Nerd

Highland Lassie - Scottish Devil

Lanky Girl - Lady Long Legs

Business Woman - Mushmouth

Japanese Girl - Scorpion Girl

Tentacle Beast

Tattooed Back Goth