Selena is one of the few woman survivors on the island that have not turned into lusty women when you first start the game. She is black with dreadlocks tied up into a bun and pretty eyes. Most of her face is concealed past a paper mask to stave off infection.

She runs the pharmacy in Lancaster Lane . She will offer you the chance to lower down your infection rate for 500 quid or the oppurtunity to chat awhile. She constantly has her face down in a textbook.

Selena's ChatsEdit

Instead of lowering your infection rate, the player character may instead choose to chat with Selena. She reveals that she missed the original evacuation while enjoying a cup of coffee. She moved to the island from London in order to escape the city and enjoy a peaceful life. She further demonstrates her knowledge of biology when the player character asks what kind of infection this is. She claims it is too early to know for sure, citing cordyceps and toxoplasma as two examples of weird nature.

Library QuestEdit

After chatting with her over the course of a few days, Selena will request that you fetch her a book from the Erotic Biology section in the Conflass Gardens Library. She feels that the infection might be some sort of mutated toxoplasma. This book will assist her in learning more about the infection. She writes down the name of the book you need. After the quest, she will chat about the monster girls you have seen.


At Day 26, Selena will transform into a half-cat mutant monster girl wearing nothing but an off-white bra. Going into the pharmacy after day 25 will trigger a fight with the "crazed pharmacist"

If the PC loses, your sex scene will be interrupted by another customer looking to lower his infection rate. Selena will then chase after him.

After this, Selena will no longer lower your infection rate for 500 quid.


The "toxoplasma" Selena refers to in her chats is an actual parasite. Toxoplasma gondii is a parasite that infects many animals, humans included. The infection is remarkable in that it makes rats lose their innate fear of cat urine, allowing mice to travel into a cat's territory and becoming their meal. Humans can get this infection by handling cat poop. The infection leads to a short flu-like disease phase into a more dormant long phase. The dormant phase may have mental illness attributed to it. An estimated 30% to 50% of the world may be infected.

This fact leads to some dramatic irony for people playing the game twice since Selena literally turns into a crazy cat woman.

She seems to be named after and inspired by the character played by Naiomi Harris in the film 28 Days Later.