The Spooky House is an old, creepy, ramshackle building found on Lancaster Lane. So far, it is shoruded in mystery.

A pale, dark haired woman can be seen observing the player when they first approach, and even if the day is sunny, it will seem to grow darker.

Should an unwary victim enter the house, the door will slam behind them, trapping them inside. The house is a unsettling confusing labyrinth, haunted with strange creatures - even stranger and more unlikely than those in the outside world. Paintings and other evidence seem to point towards the house having a grim and foreboding history, and possibly to be connected with the current events on the island in some way.

Should they manage to escape, they will find themselves still standing before the front door, hand outstretched to turn the handle and enter. It seems possible that all experiences in the house are a purely mental phenomenon. Once someone has had such an experience, they will be unable to bare to return to the house for several days.

Design Info/SpoilersEdit

The layout of the house is randomly generated from a bank of possible rooms, corridors, "set dressings" and encounters, intending to portray a shifting-creepy-unreal-dream-vibe. It is likely that the house will be given more of a structure at some point in the future.

The "all just a dream - OR WAS IT!?" nature of the players adventures int he house allow it to contain enemies that would not necessarily fit into the logic and setting of the rest of the game, such as the spooky doll girls.

Enemies PresentEdit

Spooky Doll

Impossible Fingers