Swollen Nerd
Image crudely censored for public consumption
Primary Attributes
Type Mutant
Mutation Type Subtle
Health 13
Skill 8
Infection Rate 15

The Swollen Nerd is the mutated form of the Dowdy Nerd, replacing that enemy if a player loses or submits to a Dowdy Nerd on day 12 or later in the outbreak.


The Swollen Nerd can be found in the same locales as the Dowdy Nerd - Lancaster Lane, Westside Estate and Seafront - after her conditions for creation have been fulfilled.


The Swollen Nerd looks most similar to the Dowdy Nerd, however, her belly is abnormally distended with what is blatantly a huge pregnancy, forcing her to go about naked - though she disregards this with her typical lack of emotion. Her main inhuman feature is a retractile, phallic tentacle that resides in her vagina: this is an ovipositor that allows her to transplant the eggs currently cramming her womb into other beings. Her mutation makes her fixated on transplanting these eggs into the player's anus, due to his having fertilised them.

Fetishes InvolvedEdit

The Swollen Nerd combines elements of pregnancy fetishism, oviposition (people laying eggs), oviduction (eggs being laid into the bodies of other beings) and trace elements of futanari (ala the Dick Girl).